Tuesday, March 15, 2011

new month, new recipe

This one I picked up from my sister in law. It's not a main dish, but a nice salad for summer when your grilling chicken. Now when I first saw the ingredients I was a little iffy about trying it. But I promise it's super delicious!

Cost- $12-$15 Serves-5-10 people
Reduced fat mayo, frozen peas
1 package of bacon, romaine lettuce
mozzerella cheese. 6 hard boiled eggs
green onion chives, salt & pepper
{Step 1}
Cook bacon, boil and then thinly slice eggs, shread cheese,
cut up green onion chives, and heat up peas.
{Step 2}
Starting from the bottom layer:
lettuce, s & p, egg slices
s & p, peas, lettuce
bacon, cheese, s & p
spread mayo over the top
then sprinkle green onions over it
{Step 3}
Refrigerate from anwhere between 12 - 24 hours. I go with 12, my sister in law does 24. Both taste great. Toss before serving and you're done!

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