Monday, March 14, 2011

home sweet home

Here are a couple new additions to the house.
Stephen found the globe at a garage sale for $5 and I saw this print and thought they went perfectly together.

I love having them in our front room because it helps me to remember that most of the people in the world are struggling to survive in extreme poverty each day. That there are hurting people all around us and that being a follower of Jesus isn't about what I can avoid in the world, but about being a light to the world.   It's so easy to become too attached to the comfortable american lifestyle that I forget about what the rest of the world is going through.

Every week Stephen and Micah have been choosing a different country to pray for. This week our prayers go out to Japan. I know that we're so far away but there is always something we can do to help.

break our hearts for what breaks yours Lord!
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