Friday, February 18, 2011

an Exciting Friday

in one word or phrase- edging forward, waiting for the push 
I’m dreaming of you-
Ready for some traveling
songs on repeat
arcade fire-Sprawl II Mountains beyond Mountains
& Audrey Assad-restless
Still my heart
Hold me close
I am restless until I rest in You
gotta write it down- "Public opinion is a flitting thing, but truth outlasts the sun; if we cannot own them both, possess the oldest one"Emily Dickinson 
“Jesus bring me ANYTHING that brings you glory.” I want to be able to say this with absolutely no fear of what that might mean for this comfortable life I live.
lesson learned- The more time I spend with Jesus the less satisfaction I find in this world.
picture to frame- love how much my boys adore babies
highlights of the week- watching old home videos with the boys and sharing a communion meal with some great girl friends.
weekend to do list- JJ Heller concert tonight!

P.S. Check out my favorite wreath in this wedding post over at Hello, friend. and on Design sponge.
I get so excited seeing my creations in your posts.
If you've recieved something from the shop I would love to see your pictures.
Happy weekend!

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