Tuesday, February 22, 2011

end of the rainbow

I feel like this week is starting late because yesterday was still a day off for us. I try not to blog or work on shop stuff on the weekends when daddy is home so that we can go out and have fun. I actually stopped being a picture slacker and took some new photos this weekend. Yay!
This weekend...

We found the end of the rainbow.
It was rainy most of the weekend which I love. If you are not from Arizona then you would think we are really strange people when it rains. We get an inch and suddenly people forget how to drive, 90% of the news is about the rain and everyones facebook status is I love the rain! ha! I love arizona.
I finally saw JJ Heller in concert. Love them even more now.
We took the boys out to see the new
Spring training stadium.
 I really just wanted to post this picture because I think my husband looks really HOT!
Oh and I'm now officially an indie 3.0 student! 
So excited! Anyone else doing this?

Today is catch up day so happy Mon Tuesday!
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