Thursday, February 17, 2011

home sweet home 4

 A few nights ago, Stephen looked at me and said, "you do realize that almost every piece of decor in this house you've made or painted." I kind of love that about our home. It has the personal touch.  Here are a few things I went paint crazy with this week...

 I found this beauty in my mom's garage sale pile! It belonged to my great grandma, so this mirror has to be way vintage. I can't believe she was going to sell this! I gave her a new paint coat and now she's perfect. Do you love how you can see a wreath in the glass? Thats my way of being sneaky.
Yes more letters. My hubby didn't love my EAT sign so it came down. I'll show you what I replaced it with next week. But these letters were $2 at Joannes and I just spray painted them aqua.
Simple & Sweet.
Newly painted Aqua Vase, also from my mom's garage sale pile. F is from Tucker Reece.
And lastly I painted my poorly made embroidery hoop bright orange.
So that's what I've been playing with this week.
More decor projects coming soon!
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