Thursday, September 30, 2010

I feel free

So it seems lately I've had a small case of insomnia. My mind has been restless with the never ending to do list and just everything really. So tonight I put down all the projects and picked up a book in hopes to rest my mind but that so didn't happen.

Every now and then you find a book where it seems like everything in it was written specifically for you. Radical by David Platt is that book for me. I'm still early in the book but so far every page has a WOW moment for me. If you haven't read it, look it up. It's on my must read list for friends.

You know from my post last week that I've just been so amazed by how differently my feelings and perception of the Bible have changed in the last year. I used to say that church was so boring for me because I grew up reading the Bible and I knew everything they were going to say. I knew all the stories already. But now it's like my eyes have been truly opened and I'm seeing everything so new now. This time reading it I feel different, I feel free.

It's not just a nice book to reflect on. It's a book that people risk their lives every day in order to read it and study it. It's full of life. People walk around wanting to know their purpose, wanting to know why we are here and the answer is in that book. People cry out to God every day for answers, cry out to know Him and thats how you're going to find Him-through His word.

I want to challenge you to maybe set aside any preconcieved notions you may have or forget the Jesus/God/Bible image the culture around you has painted. Take a step, seek truth out for yourself. Forget about what you've been taught. I promise you that if you seek after Him with a sincere heart, you are in for a world of amazement.

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