Monday, June 28, 2010

a little of this a little of that

Today I'm linking up to Carissa's Miscellany Monday.

One. It's Monday and the weekend flew by waaaayyy too fast but I'm convinced that this is going to be a really great week.I'm feeling pretty good this morning considering the bummer of a day yesterday and my sleepless night. I'm choosing joy.

Two. You know how sometimes you're doing something and you just get that feeling of home. That happened to me when I walked out of my house into the 112 degrees of hot air blowing against my face. Definitely felt like home. And I'm crazy and will take that over freezing in the snow anyday.

Three. I love
blogging kindness. Sadly I've yet to win a give away BUT this is the second time a very kind blogger has sent me a little surprise in the mail. Amber at What the french, toast? sent me some cute crochet wash cloths made from recycled scraps. I think they are pretty awesome. She has an etsy shop, check it out here. Amber you are awesome. Thank you so much!

Four.  2 more days! Really one more, but I'm not doing midnight showing so
2 more days! Don't hate, Eclipse was my favorite book of the series so I'm a little more than excited.  Hoping this one does not dissapoint.

Five. This weekend we took a ride up north and I sat in the back seat with the boys and just watched them all the way up to the lake. I could not take my eyes off of them. I’m completely mesmerized by them. Even watching them sleep brought me so much joy. I think it's because they are mine
The next day Micah came up to me crying because mommy was upset with him. I could see it in his face that he thought I didn't love him anymore because he had done something bad.  So I wrapped him in my arms and just kept telling him over and over again how much I absolutely love him and nothing he ever did could change that. As I was laying with him I had this thought that this is what God is thinking- you are mine. He created me and loves me with an even greater unfailing love that I will never have to earn or fear of losing I hope today you think about that for a minute. It feels pretty good to be loved.

(photo from here)

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