Friday, June 25, 2010

happy weekend eve!

in one word or phrase- hungry
I’m dreaming of you- the beach. I miss you. Thanks OC.  
song on repeat- MuteMath-noticed
And all this time, oblivious to what you make so obvious
I can't believe I never noticed my heart before
Till I noticed you
gotta write it down-
As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the real person.
 Proverbs 27:19
lesson learned- Going to the dentist is not fun but actually pretty important.
picture to frame- Micah sneaks my camera sometimes and takes pictures of the wall or the carpet usually but this time I turned on the camera and found this. Oh that silly boy knows how to make mommy laugh.
highlight of the week- getting to eat real food again was nice & played with color and dyed my hair RED! love it. You can kind of tell in the new picture above.Thanks mama! If you are looking for a new salon check out my mom's place- Selah Salon in Gilbert. My mom is Renee.
weekend to do list- day trip up north with my guys, date night, game night & relaxing!

love you blog friends!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
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