Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I made something!

I wrote this post about how I wanted to try something new every month and then I kind of forgot about it. So finally yesterday I did it, I made something new.  I've seen these cute banners before and with Skylar's 1st birthday on Sunday I decided to make one. It was really easy and fun.

Step One.
Draw or print out the letters you want. I used a small cup to trace circles around the letters.

Step Two.
 Cut the letters out and glue them to construction paper to add a colorful border.

Step Three.
Cut out triangles using either fabric or cute patterned paper. and attach the circles to them.

Step Four.
Tie the triangles together with ribbon.

and voila
a cute happy birthday banner.

Maybe I'll make red, white & blue pom poms to go with it
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