Monday, April 26, 2010

heal & inspire

It's a rare thing for me to use the words "good", "Christian" and "music" in the same sentence.”

I read this somewhere and it was so true for me. I went through a very looonnnggg period of not listening to any Christian music. I just became really bored with it and felt like it was just the same songs being played over and over again. And then several months ago I decided to “clean house”  and in doing that I felt like my soul was longing for deeper things. Music included. In the past few months I’ve been introduced to some really cool artists and reintroduced to a few past favorites. I really believe that music can inspire and can heal. Here are some of the artists that have done both those things in my life recently…

Sandra McCracken-Justice

Here are songs with amazing lyrics that have touched my life. Songs for messy people who are madly in love with a God who takes them flaws n all and loves them endlessly. These are songs about a different kind of love.

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