Monday, April 26, 2010

no one ever told me

I saw this really cute post awhile back and this weekend I was reminded of it so I had to track it down and share. A Little Dear wrote about all the things that no one ever told her about motherhood. And these were a few that she was so right about (for me anyways)...
•going to the bathroom without an audience is a rare occurrence.
•your kids think you are a walking encyclopedia at all times of the day

•your boobs will never look the same...single ladies I envy you this!
•You will never be on time for anything husband cracks me up when he asks me why I'm up an hour before we have to go. Let's see I have to get ready, have to get two boys ready, get diaper bag ready, and so on and so on. 
•The phrase "the laundry is done" no longer applies to you

•Showering (or bathing) without "company" is few and far between

This last one cracked me up because this was my bathing experience this weekend. I don't ever bring the camera in the tub with me but I had to take a picture of this. Cars lined up all around the tub and the "company" she was talking about. I wonder if little girls do this too?

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