Sunday, April 25, 2010

Big mouth...

Billy Bass. I apologize right now if anyone has one of these and actually likes it. Every year around Christmas time my friends and I get together and do a huge white elephant gift exchange. One year someone decided to bring this fantastic gift and get this...the fish doesn't even sing! Seriously...worst white elephant gift ever. But we decided to start a friendly ritual and have a little fun with mr. billy bass. Sporadically throughout the year we sneak him into each others houses and hide him in a silly spot, like kitchen cuboards or high up plant shelves. It's hilarious and annoying at the same time. I say annoying because I just found him hiding in my car. Ah I love my friends.

Oh and if any of you friends are reading this- just so you know, hiding this sucker with my 3 year old son is not such a good idea. He loves his mama and I know just how to get him to talk. Can you say candy!!! Be prepared to get a visit from mr. bass real soon. ;)

Anyone else have any fun rituals with friends?
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