Monday, April 19, 2010

Come sad, leave happy

One of my 2010 resolutions was to be a more positive person and in doing that I want to keep this blog a happy one. I want it to be a spot in the blog world where people can come and be encouraged or read something that makes them smile.
One thing that always makes me happy is making a fun list. And what better list to make then a list of things that bring me loads of satisfaction. Here are my...

5 most guilty pleasures
some it's ok to luv, others I probably shouldn't.

 A juicy novel. Sookie Stackhouse novels are some of my favorite scandalous reads
A really great TV show. Friends, lost, the office are my favorites. And I dive into a little reality tv now and then thanks to project runway.
Rainy day music. You know mostly acoustics, heartfelt  lyrics, mellow beats.
Day trips-hiking, just going for a drive up north, going out into nature, just getting away from everything.
Sugar! In the form of a sonic slush, chocolate chip cookie dough blizzard, jamocha shake, homeade cookies, chocolate molten cake, watermelon starburst or skittles will do.  Just to name a few. ha!

What are some of your guiltiest pleasures?

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