Friday, August 17, 2012

I like Friday

 a quick weekmonthly recap because this busy mama is a horrible blogger... 
in a phrase- one day at a time
I'm dreaming of you-  29 days until I'm sitting on a beach
music on repeat- needtobreathe + of monsters and men
gotta write it down- {Jesus isn't looking for converts, He's looking for a bride.} -from father of lights I love this! Sometimes I get overwhelmed with everything else and forget this. It's really all about love. About relationship. About being a light in the world on His behalf, because of that intimacy.
lesson learned- I really shouldn't have waited this long to change my business name. Procrastination is never good.
looking forward to-  reading Darren Wilson-Filming God + Christine Caine- Undaunted. I'm also starting a new Beth Moore study with my mama. So need it + looking forward to it.
highlight of the week- Acting like a kid with Stephen + Micah, throwing hundreds of ping pong balls up in the air and at each other. + My shop had a birthday! Two-Years-Old already.
picture to frame- he just gets cuter every single day.
weekend to do list- to be decided. I hope it's a lazy one.

{I rarely find a quiet moment to catch up on here but you can follow my daily happenings on Instagram if you'd like: @colefranke.}

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