Thursday, July 26, 2012

soaking it in

I used to be a much better blogger.  Now this space has really just become a way for me to collect memories + thoughts that my 27 year old brain has a hard time remembering. I don't want to forget one moment with my guys. I love that later on they can come here and read my inspirations + all our happenings.
Right now I'm enjoying this calm. We've adjusted pretty nicely to life with 3 boys in the house. My little handmade business is growing rapidly and I feel like I'm finally able to juggle it all again. But things never stay quiet for long. Something big is on the horizon and before life completely changes directions (tell you about that later) I'm just going to soak in all the blessings in this current season of life.
Mr. Madden is 2 months right now. He weighed in at nearly 16lbs at his 1 month check up. 
To say he is a big boy is an understatement. I'm enjoying every second with him. 
My mellow, sweet baby. Can't get enough of him!
Big brothers are obsessed with this guy. He's not mama's baby, he's Skylar's baby
That's what I'm told everyday.
 Micah + Skylar are best friends right now. Lucky mommy. 
I hope my boys are always each others best friends.  
We're off to a good start.

Recently... (Sorry if you've already seen these on FB or IG)
I'm sitting here typing this feeling so grateful for God's goodness to me. I've been thinking about all the dreams I've watched God fulfill in my life in the past 6-7 years.  And now He's still at work unveiling new, maybe a little scarier dreams. I learned a few years ago that when you ask God for something big, make sure you really mean it because He who promised is faithful. I'll just continue soaking all this in until He leads me to bigger dreams.
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