Tuesday, January 31, 2012

capturing life

I look back on the past few months and it all kind of blurs together. Which is one reason why I'm back. I'm getting the importance of capturing memories, thoughts, life on here. To stop the blur.  So let's catch up. 

I'm still baking baby #3.  23 weeks down, 17 (or less) to go. This is the first belly profile shot I've taken this pregnancy. Man how things change from baby 1 to 3. Even though baby #3 has few belly pictures or notes from mommy, this is the first time I've actually set out to make a pretty nursery. So I get a plus for that right? I promise I'll write about my nursery diy projects soon. 

 My motto this month has been "too blessed to be stressed."January has been my biggest month in the shop. It has grown so much and it's still just me crafting away, writing deadlines + details in 3 different notebooks so I don't forget with this pregnancy brain of mine. (Yes it is a real thing) Throw in the mix wife + mommyhood, babysitting, church life, pregnancy hormones (ha!). I've been feeling like I'm doing so many things and doing them all poorly. Then I heard this little motto and I stopped whining.

It's the truth! This little business that I care so much about is prospering and my husband is more in love with Jesus than he's ever been, which as a result transforms everything about him into something even greater. I didn't think that was even possible. My children are healthy + happy + still love me and forgive me when I lose all patience and have a bad moment or two or three or four. (seriously!) They even tell me I'm pretty every day when I feel like a giant elephant.  So blessed. 

{My January lesson learned }Don't overwhelm yourself. There will always be something trying to get you down, whether it be hard circumstances or just your own negative thoughts. I stress out when I feel like there's a million to-do's to face alone but really that's never the case.  Jesus is my constant companion.  He is my peace in all circumstances.  I'm forming a new habit of slowing down and finding refreshment in Him.  I'm learning to be thankful always. And trust that the closer I draw near to Him the more He will transform all my weaknesses into something much more beautiful.

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