Monday, December 19, 2011

all is calm, all is bright

Today was the first time in MONTHS that I had no where to be, no deadlines, no projects, not a thing to do and it was w o n d e r f u l. I read an entire fun reading book (Matched). I drank hot chocolate while listening to Christmas music. Took a bubble bath with my 2 year old and actually caught up on favorite blogs.  It was a pretty magical day. <3

I was looking through pregnancy/baby journals for #1 & #2 and realized I haven't even bought #3's yet. I'm only in the 5th month. Almost 1/2 way through. Really need to get on that. I think I have maybe a handful of pregnancy shots so far. So here's a photo from last nights Christmas party with the baby belly in it. What do you guys think, girl or boy in there?

Do you have any funny memories that are so great that even years later you burst out laughing at just the thought of them? Well yesterday my # 2 funny moment happened and I laughed and cried, and laughed some more all day long. I couldn't go to bed last night because I was still laughing. I can't say exactly what happened (my husband would kill me) but let's just say my 5 year old waved something of extreme embarrassment for Stephen around in front of my in laws while we are sitting down for a nice afternoon lunch. I died. Our lives would be so boring without these boys.

Life just went from fast forward to normal and I'm pretty happy about it. I plan to soak in all the holiday goodness this week before things speed up again. Two more days of quiet until 2 weeks of winter break for Micahboo. Off to hide the Justin Bieber singing toothbrush before he notices. byyyyeee!
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