Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy week

In one word or phrase- You fill me with joy
I'm dreaming of you-
My husband thinks I'm a nerd for wanting these pillows.
songs on repeat-
The Civil Wars- Forget me Not
Jesus Culture-
Oh Lord, you're beautiful
gotta write it down- "We live two miles wide and an inch deep. We are totally caught up in a thousand different things, and not doing any of them well. You and I become effective by becoming SELECTIVE!" - Beth Moore
lesson learned- This week Stephen and I realized that we have been caring more about our friendships than are friends. We are more concerned with not wanting them to feel awkward or uncomfortable. Or we tell ourselves that we'll just preach with our lives. If we really love them then we won't hide the most important thing we could ever tell them.
highlight of the week- It's been a happy week. Stephen was promoted and the best friend is officially an lpn! So proud of them.
picture to frame- Enjoyed a nice getaway with some wonderful ladies. Love these girls!
weekend to do list- Lot's of pool time with my guys.

Hope you had a wonderful week!
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