Wednesday, April 6, 2011

what's really going on

Yep it’s me. New look for a new season.

So those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile now, I realize I kind of left you hanging with this post. And this one too. I guess it’s finally time to share what’s been going on with us.

About six months ago I sat down one morning to pray and I admit I’m really bad at just being still and listening to what He wants to tell me. The few times that I can remember actually just being quiet and waiting on Him to speak some pretty spectacular things have happened. This particular morning God goes on to tell me something pretty huge. I know its God speaking because this is not something I would have ever dreamed up myself, considering this thing has not once crossed my mind. This thing not even being close to my list of life plans. After the conversation I’m left kind of shocked, scared and dare I say intrigued.
So for a month I stay quiet. I don’t say a word to anyone. I just ask the Lord for a little confirmation please. A little heart repair because what He is inviting me to is something that is going to completely transform my world. Finally I can’t hold it in any longer; I go to Stephen and spill it. As I’m recapping the morning conversation, the confirmations, everything that’s happened in the past month he starts to get emotional. Come to find out he had the same conversation with God 4 weeks before too. He had been praying about how to approach me about it.

The thing being- total trust in Jesus, abandonment of everything we know. Counting the cost and letting go of all our plans for something so much better. A transformation can’t happen unless believers become followers and respond to the gospel. We have decided to say, “Yes Lord, your will not ours.” God has something planned for us overseas and we are now just waiting for the how, when and where.

Life was pretty nice and comfy until we actually started to read the Bible with the intentions of living it out. Now comfortable is becoming very uncomfortable for us.

It’s been such an amazing time for us. Everywhere we look we run into people who are in the same boat- hungry for something more. Lives are being changed all around us and every day we are growing deeper in love with Jesus. I wish I could sit down with each of you and talk to you in person. This post is getting long so I’ll try and sum this up. I’m so glad that I’ve finally shared my heart with you and can now start to write about what’s really going on with me.

I really appreciate all of your prayers. I understand that this season ahead of us is going to demand an extra degree of consecration and preparation so to have you interceding with us is such a blessing. I’m trying to get in contact with missionaries (especially missionaries with children) if you know of any contacts please send me an email.

Love you guys!

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