Thursday, March 17, 2011

time for an update

It's been awhile since I've been updated you all about what's going on in the shop.

I've decided to take the big plunge into wedding decor and bouquets. I've done a few wedding orders here and there and it was a scary, exciting thing. After a few practices at it, I've now decided to focus more time on making felt bridal bouquets & boutonnieres.

Here's what I've been playing with...
I just read on the etsy blog that handmade means dirty fingernails which is true as you can see the paint left on my fingers.
I really am the luckiest girl. Someone asked me what my job was and I said, "I stay home with my boys and make pretty flowers."
I really am so blessed.

If you know any soon to be brides please help me spread the word about my new felt wedding items. You guys were my big encouragers to start this shop and I am so so thankful for all of your support.

Another big thing is that I'm 4 sales away from my big 100th sale on etsy. To celebrate that all proceeds of the 100th will go to a charity that I love-feedmystarvingchildren.
Help me get to 100!

And don't forget I'm
 giving away a wreath
to help raise money for my sweet friend V's adoption. Only a few people have entered so chances of winning are really good right now.
Check it out here.

P.S.- I'm a big fan of ad trade out so if you have a shop and are interested please send me an email.
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