Friday, February 11, 2011

going back...

in one word or phrase- consumed

I’m dreaming of you- a quiet corner to just sit and read.
song on repeat
Allie Moss-corner
gotta write it down- I was showing Micah where Arizona is on our new globe and he says, "ok mom, now where is Candyland?" love him.
lesson learned- People completely miss the biblical gospel because they don’t want to gather it up. The manna in Exodus 16 is about some things that should only be served fresh. Our lives could never be sustained on a once-a-week meal. I need a fresh daily serving of the word to continue spiritual growth.
picture to frame- a picture from a project I'm working on for the house. More on this later.
highlights of the week- Getting stuff done!
weekend to do list- going with a handful of friends to help build someone a home.

What did you learn this week?

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