Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who am I

It still amazes me that people come here and read the things I write. It really is so cool to have you here. I hope you will find something that inspires you. But at the same time I want everything I write to be genuinely from my heart. Not something I write because I think it’s what people want to read. So if you are new here and wondering just who I am...

...I wrote a little about me

Every day I look at my husband and my boys and think, “Really Lord?” I will never understand just how I ever deserved a gift so great.
No matter what, before I go to bed I HAVE to look at the clock and calculate exactly how many hours of sleep I’m going to get before I can fall asleep. If I go to bed now I’ll get 7 hours…if I go to bed now I’ll get 6 hours of sleep. It’s a little weird I know.
You will never see me write a fashion post. Occasionally I will surprise myself by putting together something cute but really I’m a plain jane. I stick with the basics and try to throw in a bright accessory. And when I do manage to put on something pretty I end up wishing I was in sweats and one of Stephen’s big shirts.
I secretly want to tattoo the rest of my arm from the middle forearm up. I have a dove on my forearm and wish I could just keep going but once you commit its FOREVER. So it’s a secret wish, we will see if it ever happens. Plus I really don’t think I’m cool enough to pull it off.

{I love to write about fun, happy, encouraging things, but ultimately I want to be shameless of my admiration and love for Jesus. I don’t want to feel like I'm obligated to throw in a religious post here and there. I want to freely write from my heart about how amazing my savior is and how seeking Him is better than anything else I can experience on this planet.

I want to talk about how much joy I feel every day because I have a God that has pursued me from day 1. He’s not just sitting up above keeping track of my wrongs. I cannot even begin to fathom how great He is and how undeserving I am, yet every day He pours out nothing but grace, mercy and love.

If I believed that there were a million different ways to find peace, joy, and salvation than I probably wouldn’t say anything. But I believe with all my heart that without knowing Jesus you will never find them and so that’s why I keep writing about it. It’s just so easy to write about the comfortable stuff. I can't tip toe and keep things safe because eternity is just way too long a time to be wrong. And this life is tough and it hurts sometimes, and I can’t  imagine what it must be like living it without Him, and without the certainty of knowing that if it was to end tomorrow it would be ok. I would just be going home. Eternal Life- bought at such a costly price and given so freely. How could you pass it up?}

So that's me. That's my heart. If there's anything else you want to know please ask.  You can find my email by clicking on my picture above. I'm glad you are here and I hope to get to know you more. Send me a message so that we can be friends.

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