Thursday, November 4, 2010

What shall I do?

Can you think back to a pivotal moment in your life where you remember thinking -nothing is going to be the same after this night. That happened to us last night. Stephen and I looked back on our last 7 years together and for the first time could really see just why those hard times had happened. Why those big events had lead us to where we are now. They’ve all been preparing us for something bigger. Right now we’re both just faced with the question- How far will we go to follow Jesus?

Almost exactly 1 year ago my life, my way of thinking was completely transformed in one sit down conversation with God. I had been a “Christian” all of my life but I didn’t really know Jesus. I knew the Jesus that I had made up in my mind. I had molded Him into the Jesus that I felt most comfortable with. I didn’t really know the Jesus of the Bible. You can’t know someone just by hearing people talk about him. You can’t know them because you read some things here and there about them. You know them when you talk to them daily, really hear the things that they say and have a relationship with them. And that’s just the astounding thing-we can have a real relationship with Him. You may read that and think whoop de doo I’ve heard that 100 times. But when you actually get to really know who He is, that fact will completely radically change your life. That's when you begin to understand how big a thing it was conquering it all by giving His life as ransom for yours. That will change your life.

“The gospel does not prompt you to mere reflection; the gospel requires a response. In the process of hearing Jesus, you are compelled to take an honest look at your life, your family, and your church and not just ask, “What is he saying?” but also ask,”What shall I do?” –David Platt

I feel like I’m not being super clear and there’s just so much that I want to say. If you are a believer I ask that if you would please say a prayer for me and my family. Something big is coming and my faith is definitely going to be put to the test. I feel like I’m going into preparation season. I wish I could give more details but right now I just need to spend a lot of time in prayer.

I really appreciate you. Thank you so much for letting me share my heart with you daily.
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