Friday, November 5, 2010

a very good Friday

in one word or phrase- Forsaking all I trust Him

I’m dreaming of you- on the hunt for some cute colorful tights for winter
song on repeat
JJ Heller- Save me
Living am I really living or am I just exisiting, hiding away
Danger the world is full of danger, But if I never try to go outside
My heart will waste away
You’re the only source of all the peace I need
You tell me life will not be pain free
What will be will always be in your control
Darkness is light to you
And all you ask me to do Is trust what you say is true
You are stronger than any terrible possible scenario today
You’re the only source of all the peace I need
Come and save me
gotta write it down- "He knows that detailed instructions and advanced preparation will never help us to walk in relationship with Him. His presence leads us into depths we never knew, exploring places we never dreamed, and taking risks we never imagined. He is an adventurous God."via
lesson learned- ‎ Obedience releases destiny John 14:21
picture to frame- Check out my new necklace from Crème de le gems. Tracy put a line from one of my favorite verses on it. To you I lift my soul out of Psalm 143:8
highlight of the week- Watching my 3 guys play football in the house.
weekend to do list- My very first holiday boutique! Come by if you are in my town. I would love to meet you. Send a prayer my way. Pictures will be up Monday.

I just want to say that I feel so blessed to have such a supportive group that comes to visit me over here. Even though we’ve never met I feel like we are friends.
You encourage me every week and make my days a little brighter. So thank you.
I hope you have the best weekend.
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