Monday, November 22, 2010

My Christmas Tree Adventure

This weekend I lost my mind and put up my tree super early. I say I lost my mind because I forgot about the two mini people living in my house and the drama that is bound to happen by having it up weeks earlier than the norm. First of all I just changed all the colors in my house about a month ago so I had to run out and by aqua and orange bulbs to match. So I bought the new bulbs, put up my $5 dollar slanting garage sale tree (don't laugh, if you knew my husband you would understand), made it pretty- see I decorated it from the middle up to stay out of reach of mini person #2.
I kid you not 20 minutes later (thanks to mini person #1) it looked like this...
and then half a day later it looked like this...
That's 3 bulbs left people!!!
I bet you can all guess what my lesson learned is going to be on Friday...
moms be smart and buy plastic bulbs!
I love my boys.

*I do have to say that my husband surprised me with replacement bulbs. But those babies aren't going up until Christmas eve!
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