Tuesday, October 12, 2010

attitude changes everything

Let me just start this off by confessing that I’m a bit of a mess this week. Something happened yesterday that got me down and I’ve just had a hard time getting my thoughts straight since. Like tonight I drove about 7 miles before I snapped into reality. It was almost like I was driving on autopilot. Does anyone else ever do that?

And when I have the blues I feel like all the creative juice gets sucked out of me. Which is not good because I kind of need that to work. So what’s a girl to do to turn that frown upside down? I snuck in a small shopping trip. I’m putting the list of things I should do before bed away until tomorrow. The kids are in bed early and I’m off to escape into a good book. In the morning I’ll wake up with a fresh new attitude. Even though I've hit a bump or two I'm still blessed. Life is still good. It's all how you look at things.

If you want to be happy, be.
Leo Tolstoy
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