Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Me in 3's

Is it really Tuesday? It feels like a Monday. My poor husband was put to work on his "holiday" weekend. We tackled about five major projects and the house is still in desparate need of clean up. So I'm taking a break before I even get started. Here's a little fun about me...

Three names I go by: Cole, Coco, Nicole
Three jobs I've had: Preschool teacher, Special needs classroom assistant, Administrative Assistant.

Three places I've lived: Gilbert AZ, Payson AZ, Lexington NY

Three favorite drinks: cherry limeade, xenergy cran razz, really creamy coffee

Three TV shows I watch: House Hunters International, OC reruns, my guilty pleasure-Entourage

Three places I've been: Kauai, Maui, Lake Tahoe

Three places I'd like to visit: Fiji, New Orleans, Washington/Oregon

Three favorite old TV shows: LOST, friends, (do those count as old?) and I dream of Jeannie

Three favorite dishes: chicken enchiladas, lasagna, I'm pretty much thrilled with anything homeade or mexican.

Three makeup products I cannot live without: I won't leave the house without throwing on a little black mascara, nude lip gloss and bronzing blush.

Three things I'm looking forward to: Finishing up decorating my house, making Christmas wreaths for the shop and Micah's 4th birthday.

Play along if you'd like and let me know if you do so that I can check out your answers and learn a little more about you.
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