Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I've got a crush on you

So we finally recieved that loonnggg awaited refund/new home buyer check in the mail. I was ecstatic to say the least because it means that we are now in house redecorate mode. My goal is to add touches of aqua/teal and orange to the house. So I picked up some of these etsy goodies.

These modern silhouettes of my boys from AppleblossomPrint
This lovely cakestand from a fabulous fete
I've talked about this chalkboard from Mary Kate McDevitt before
and I finally purchased it (with an orange frame)
love love love these and can't wait to put them in my home. Check out these shops you will love too.
and a few of my blog crushes this month...
These three have tons of info on starting an indie/etsy business.
and this one just because it's adorable and I really want to steal her hair cut. ha!

I'm off to start lots & lots of holiday wreaths and play with a new item idea. Happy Wednesday!

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