Thursday, August 5, 2010

today's favorites

things I'm loving...
mixed cds. One of my favorite friends dropped one off for me last night. He has much better taste in music than I do so I'm excited to listen to it today. If I find any music gold I'm sure you will find it in the  player soon.
ribbon. Ever since I've been playing with ribbon on my big project I'm a little obsessed with it. Now anytime walking into a store my first thought is I wonder if they sell ribbon.
Xenergy drinks. They should seriously pay me with how much I talk about these drinks. They are my favorite. No sugar, no calories, lots of vitamins and they are delicious! Try them if you haven't. Cran Razz & Cherry lime are the ones I like best.

When lost ended I was pretty much done with tv. So my friend lent me his OC season 1 and let me first say this is NOT a lost replacement but this drama filled show has grown on me. At first the characters drove me a bit nuts but I commited to finishing season one and now that I have I admit I'm a little addicted. Must watch season two asap. Anyone else watch/watched the OC?
coupons. One way to my hubby's heart is saving money. He is the deal finder in our house. I am terrible at saving money at the grocery store. I'm lucky if I save $5. Since he is still on crutches I am in charge of shopping tonight. So today I'm hunting down coupons for the first time. I'm going to try and impress him with my coupon sense. Any bargain shopper advice is much appreciated.
to enter this weeks giveaway 
 thank you for the wreath advice yesterday. I'm thinking I will keep the bows but just put them on a few wreaths here and there. Shop will hopefully be up in a few more weeks.

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