Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a note from the Mr.

I have some pretty amazing talents that I would like to share with all of my wife’s blog friends. I want this to be a full participation post for Cole. It is meant to be funny so please feel free to share some of your unique, special talents with everyone.

1. I have the unique ability to recognize a fake laugh. I work very hard to be somewhat humorous. In that line of work (humor), I hear various laughs. Cackling, snorting, the sprinkler laugh, and most commonly the running out of gas laugh. These all, believe it or not, can be fake laughs.

2. Like many lawyers I am able to argue on both sides of the argument. I can fight for a conservative mindset and then just when you are against the ropes, I come at you from the mindset you were just fighting for. Very exciting for me, very confusing for you!

3. I am 6’7”. I am able to barely clear a doorway and most ceiling fans. Enough said.

4. I stole this from Dane Cook, but I can ninja your mind. This goes along with #2 sometimes, but I am able to place a thought in your mind and by giving it a little time to mature, later in the conversation I can use it to knock you on your tailfeathers (figuratively speaking).

5. Several people have what is referred to as gaydar, I have faithar! Usually within about 5 minutes I am able to discern what a person’s religious beliefs are. Pretty cool right? Not really.

6. I can jack people’s phones and make calls to half the people in their phonebook before they even realize what happened. I know I am going to get comments on this. Several of Nicole’s followers have experienced the pleasure.

7. I have the ability to watch shows on the Home and Garden network, Project Runway, and the Notebook and still be completely comfortable with my manhood.

8. I have the very, very unique ability not to watch the show Lost and not feel like I have a giant void in my life. I don’t need you Lost, you don’t control me!

9. I have a male Indian friend who is very attractive, while this isn’t a special talent, it is fairly uncommon. Seriously ladies his name is Shibu and he is one of Cole’s blog friends.

10. And last but not least, I was able to not be very attractive and still get the most gorgeous girl in the world. She is my BMW (Beautiful Mexican Wife), so hot!

Thank you Cole for allowing me to go a little crazy with this post and if any of you would like to see the more serious side of me please check out my brand new blog.

And don't forget to check out Cole's guest post below.
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