Tuesday, June 22, 2010

you can find me here today...

K not exactly here seeing that this isn't really my bed. It just looks much nicer than mine being that my 3 year old climbed into bed with me last night and gave me a nice wet & warm surprise to wake up to.The lovely moments of mommyhood. :)

So yesterday's trip to the dentist for a filling turned into a wisdom tooth extraction. That was another fun surprise for my week. What's really funny is that my good friend Bu had just told me his wisdom tooth horror story the day before so of course the whole time that was all that I could think about. (Thanks friend. still love ya though) And get this, one of the workers was playing on his new phone taking photos of me with my mouth wide open and all that loveliness. Is that not the worst? It's not like I could yell at him when I have hands going into my mouth.  I love the dentist. ha!

question for you...

Do you have a really good dentist story? If so I want to hear it. One of my most embarrassing moments happened at the dentist office but we will get to that another time. ;) I want to hear your stories.

(photo from here)
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