Tuesday, June 15, 2010

more random & recap

I posted total randomness yesterday but here is a bit more. Another picture from the river.

The camera that has the pictures with us in our pirate (but really more like gypsy) dress up is lost somewhere. I do believe there were 3 wardrobe changes-1.pirate/gyspy, 2.audreyhepburn and 3.wet rat. #1 & 2 would be on the other camera.
I love having a vase of beautiful flowers in my kitchen. It brings instant happiness whenever I walk into the room. My daddy always buys me roses for my birthday. Lovvveee him.

This picture cracks me up. I hope this doesn’t foreshadow Micah’s crazy driving in the future.

Any one from Jersey/Pennsylvania? My best friend is on a plane as I write this, moving back East for school. This breaks my heart but I know that we will never lose touch. Especially since I’ve nagged her to death to blog. I even started a little one for her here.  Steph-I will be texting,calling, skyping, fbing you about this blog all the time! If any of you live close to her and want an awesome new friend, you have to meet her. She is like my sister and the kindest person you will ever meet.

I promise a post with more substance tomorrow. :)
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