Thursday, June 17, 2010

I love...

It’s been awhile since I've posted one of these so here you go.
Things I’m loving today

Pretty flowers. Leigh Ashley has inspired me to plant some of these. Hopefully they won’t die in this 100+ heat.

I know it’s not starbucks but I’m obsessed with this stuff. And it’s only $3 for a canister. Boil water put in 3 scoops and voila. It’s not hard to make me happy.

Cocktail rings. I love them. I purchased this one about a year ago from danielmjewelry and it’s my favorite. But after I had baby #2 I lost a little weight in my fingers. Which is really weird I know. So my size 7 ring isn’t fitting my size 5  fingers but I make it work because I think it's darling.

I'm loving that my 3 year old has learned that he can just blame everything on his little brother. (Sense the sarcasm) Being that I am the baby in my family, poor Micah isn't getting any sympathy from mommy on this one. He can thank his uncle Danny for that. But it still is so funny how they just wake up one day and instantly know how to do all these silly things.

and this...
Having one of those days/weeks where I feel a little broken dealing wth "my stuff". We all go through it. It's just nice to know that God makes all things new. When I feel broken He restores me, when giving up seems like the easier route, He gives me strength to press on. I'm grateful for so much but I feel most thankful for such undeserving mercy. I can rest easy because I've received such a precious gift of salvation from Jesus. I don't have to worry about "my stuff" getting in the way of that. Or worry that I'm not doing enough good things to save myself. He is the ultimate hope of the world and if you haven't realized it yet He really, truly loves you. Even when you are at your messiest and you feel like you don't deserve it.
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