Friday, May 7, 2010

let's wrap it up

in one word or phrase- inspired
I’m dreaming of you- Cute yellow Jason Mraz hat
song on repeat- Paige Armstrong- Thoroughly Complete
gotta write it down- honor God. honor others. honor His creation. Honor is high value. Whatever a man treasures, that’s where his heart is. Where is your heart?
lesson learned- Instead of dwelling in bitterness and resentment, choose to be kind. Put effort in on your part, even when you don’t feel like it. Do the best that you can to turn things around and better the relationship. And then the other person won’t be able to help but follow suit.
picture to frame-
highlight of the week- lying on the floor with two little boys climbing on me, just laughing and being silly together. Feeling really loved.
weekend to do list- dress in pink and stand beside two best friends as they become husband & wife.
Don't forget to check out the winner of the give-away. Have a wonderful weekend!
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