Thursday, May 6, 2010

The husband & the wife

He is 28, she is 24.
She likes death cab for cutie, he likes Tiesto.
He makes the best eggs in the world. She makes a really good bowl of cereal.
She couldn’t tell a joke to save her life; funny is his special charm.
He loves fish. She is terrified of them.
She’s the gas, he’s the break.
She’s the fight, he’s the flight.
He plays Call of duty, she blogs.
He’s the garage selling, bargain shopper. She is lucky if she can save $5 at the grocery store.

So different but so in love.

I need your help.
 Our 5 year anniversary is in less than a month!
And I haven't even began to think of gift ideas.
  I’d like to surprise him with something special.
Remember we are planning our road trip
for later this summer
so can't be anything super huge.
Any ideas?

I have to show you this because it's too funny. This is what my desk looks like as I've been trying to type  this morning...

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