Thursday, April 15, 2010

Something new

My new thing is this awesome new purse. I have to admit I'm not a normal girl. My husband found a pretty much brand new louis vuitton purse for dirt cheap and brought it home to surprise me but I'm not a designer purse kind of gal. Madness I know! So we gave it to my cousin who I know will love it. But this one I had to have for two reasons. 1 because I think it's adorable, and 2 it was made by women rescued from the sex slave industry. My church is teamed up with Homes of Hope in Fiji where they help to rescue and restore girls who have been trafficked into sex slavery. They bring them to this village and provide a safe haven for them and tell them about Jesus and teach them a work skill like making these purses. There is so much more that they do there too, it's an amazing non-profit organization. Check out more about Homes of Hope and Vision Abolition here. I would love to go help out there someday.
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