Friday, April 23, 2010

Dear John...

Dear old books,

We need to talk. We had some good times together. You made me laugh. You made me cry (in a good way). But I just don't feel the same way anymore. In the beginning it was so new. Everything about you was a mystery. I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next. But now that the story is over I just feel that it's just not fair to leave you sitting on my shelves collecting dust. And I've met someone else. But listen, there are so many more fish in the sea. I think it's time for me to set you free to find new people to share your stories with. So I'm afraid this is goodbye. I think...

Ok silly I know. I'm sitting here sorting through old books debating whether or not I should sell/trade them in at a used book store. I've seen pictures of people's cute little libraries in their houses and they really look adorable, but part of me feels really bad about my once favorite stories collecting dust. Am I really going to ever read them again? Probably not. And if I want to I can always go to the library and get them. But what if  it's not at the libary? Am I being weird about this? ha! Yes I am.  Just part of me feels bad giving them away but then I feel bad keeping them boxed up too. What should I do? Thoughts?

Update: trading in hardcover, practically in mint condition, bestselling books- not really worth it!
Lesson learned.

(photo from here)
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