Friday, March 12, 2010

a little review

 Friday doesn't have the same spark of excitement it used to have when I was working, but it still makes me pretty stinkin happy because its means two whole days of my hubby being home. :)

This week was good. It had some fun mom/son moments. I learned the complicated “Love the unlovely” lesson. Well, still learning it I’d say. That’s definitely a tough one. It’s easy to love kind people, rude people who are mean for no reason, much much harder. But I’m working on it. Just trying to remember that I've been "unlovable", too…except not to God.

I feel like 2010 has been my year of getting back in touch with old friends and making new ones, not just staying in my same friend bubble like I guess usually do. Old friends are really coming out of the woodworks and back in to my life and I love it. And I’ve met some really amazing new girlfriends that I’m so excited to get to know more. So lots of fun times ahead. 2010 looking pretty good so far.

(photo from here)
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