Thursday, March 11, 2010

The days are long, but the years are short.

Micah: "Mom you can be the princess, Skylar the prince, Kula (our dog) the dragon, and I'm the superhero." *sigh* I wonder how much longer I'll be playing the princess in his stories.

I just know I'm going to blink my eyes and he'll be a teenager,  asking for money so he can take a girl to the movies. Just thinking about this makes my heart break a little. It definitely makes me want to savor every special thing he does right now at 3.

My current favorite is whenever I leave to go somewhere he'll follow me to the door and say "mommy I don't like it when you leave, I want to go with you." Then after I've explained that I'll be back soon, he'll get up on his tippy toes give me a kiss and tell me to be safe. It's the sweetest thing. Or just randomly he'll say "mommy I looovvvee you." Nothing makes me happier.

So I guess I'm just really trying to cherish every stage, each day that I'm given to be Micah and Skylar's mommy. I seriously have the best job in the world!

And my boy can dance! Oh and I didn't pick out the music in the background. Micah turned it to the latin techno station. Yep techno/trance wonder where he gets that from.
Take a look at this video
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