Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Being childlike

My favorite part of every day is the moment that Skylar first opens his eyes. I’ll hear him start to wiggle around in bed and I know that it’s about to happen. So I lie down next to him and wait and sure enough seconds later eyes are open looking right into mine and the biggest brightest smile comes across his face. I LOVE it! It’s the most amazing feeling in the world to see the person that you love so unconditionally love you back. It would break my heart if my children never showed me any sign that they loved me back when I love them more than anything. This makes me think of how much God loves it when we do the same. He created us, we sinned and that caused a separation between us, but then He sent his only son to be the final sacrifice to pay for our sin (past, present and future) so that our relationship could be restored and we can draw near to Him again like he always intended. He’s our father and He wants to be a part of our lives.

I love spending time with my kids more than anything. I love watching them grow and learn new things. I love holding them and comforting them when they are hurting. It brings me so much joy to listen to Micah tell me the silliest stories. I just love being with them no matter what. And God is the same way. He loves watching me change and grow, He wants to hold me close and lift me up when I’ve hit rock bottom, He wants to celebrate my joys with me, and He just wants to be with me. God-by Him all things were created and for Him, in Him all things hold together (our bodies, the universe, everything that exists), how amazing is He and He wants to have that kind of relationship with ME! With all of His children, this would mean YOU too!

Like an infant depends on his mother and trusts and expects that she’s going to take care of him, God wants us to be like that with Him. He wants us to be childlike again. I want to trust Him like that; I want to expect that He is taking care of me. Jesus said that whoever humbles himself as little children is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. The true secret to greatness-be humble and trust God like a child. Jesus shunned the Pharisee and welcomed the children. Something to think about.
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