Friday, July 1, 2011

a new secret

#10 - Soaking in the little things

This weekend my baby turns 2 and yes I am having one of those sentimental mom moments where I sit and wonder how it happened so fast. There's no turning back time, all those little moments have come and gone.
Reminds me of how important it is to really soak it in.
Enjoy it while it's happening.
Things like...

Finding little crayola masterpieces on my tile floor.
Turtle hunts in the backyard with a flashlight.
A surprise squeeze from Stephen in the morning
Sweet daily check-in messages from friends.
Eating ice cream for lunch.
Baby Linnea's contagious toothless grin.
The way Skylar says "thank you mommy" melts me every time.
Having exciting news and running to call mom & dad.
Watching Micah take the big leap off the board for the first time.
Taking the plunge myself and feeling like I'm 8 all over again.

Don't forget to soak it in!
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