Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Lately I've been seeing so many people around me that are going through tough heart ache. Broken relationships, loss of a baby, bitterness, dissappointment, I've experienced this hurt too. It gets so disheartening when you think of all the obstacles that you will encounter in this life. And you will, there is no getting around it!  

Understand today that there is a God who deeply wants to be your comforter, your provider and healer. He doesn't need to save us from our hurt, but He chooses to love us and when we run to Him that's when we are restored. "His grace is always sufficient, and His arms are always open to give it; but will are arms be open to recieve it?"

You can run to a thousand different places to find something to mend the void but you will never truly fill it. God was so incredibly smart in creating us with a hole, a never ending wanting that only He can satisfy.  We only find true restoration in Him. "He restores my soul." Our souls-the part of us that makes us alive. Do you know how much you need Him?
{"It is not until we have walked with Him through some very deep troubles that we discover that He can lead us to find our refreshment in Him right there in the midst of our difficulties."}

We're just passing though the valley
but we're not staying here!
Run to Him!  

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