Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Mix

Do people still make mixed cd's and play them over and over again in their cars or is that just me?
I haven't switched over to the fancy plug in your mp3 player to your stereo and have unlimited favorites at hand. I prefer old school for now. Only thing is my cd burner broke months ago! What's a girl to do? I pulled out old, I mean high school old mixed favorites. Thankfully my friends Bu and Lauren were nice enough to send me some burnt cd's and give me some relief. Btw Bu is who I steal most of my songs from, you can always find a great assortment of music on his blog. And Lauren sent me She & Him and a couple other great ones. Thanks friends!

But now we are into July and I've been listening to the same 3 cds for over a month now. ha! So this is a call for help. If you are a mixed cd maker like me and feel like sending me a cd of your summer favorites I will be your new best friend. :) I listen to just about everything. Right now I'm kind of obsessed with all the artists your hear on the playlist.
What are your favorite songs this summer?

* here's to hoping blogger fixes the problems with comments soon! I'm still getting your comments in my email just not on here. :(
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