Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Friday

in one word or phrase- happiness
I’m dreaming of you- adorable chalkboard you will be in my house soon! and I would reallllly love drinking my cheap cappuccino out of these guys. I spent a lot of time on etsy this week, can you tell?

song on repeat-
you offer a life that is whole
you brighten my darkest soul
a mystery that I long to know
I am yours
gotta write it down- Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. -Abe Lincoln
lesson learned- “Which is greater, the evil of my sin, or the value of the blood of Jesus? By faith in Him we are forgiven forever. It’s the most incredibly gracious offer the world has ever and will ever know.” M. Connelly
picture to frame- My birthday boy
highlight of the week- watching a certain movie I had been waiting forever to see. I think you can guess what that was. I love the anticipation. And I love enjoying it with my favorite people.
weekend to do list- Celebrating Skylars 1st bday on my favorite holiday. Fireworks for Sky this 4th of July.

You can also find me here today.

Happy holiday weekend!
I hope you have a great one.
Play along if you'd like.
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