Friday, April 30, 2010


in one word or phrase- on the up & up
I’m dreaming of you- boyfriend blazer
song on repeat- a fine frenzy-birds of the summer
gotta write it down- "I’ve been pondering my inside person, and I am discovering what God means when He says that He sees our secret lives; it makes me feel like a baby bird that has just been pushed out of her nest-terrified but oh so free."
I read this here and it really stuck with me so I wrote it in my book of quotes.
lesson learned- human opinion can tarnish even the purest of things, what’s important is that I keep my eyes on truth and live it out in my own life.
picture to frame-
highlight of the week-My 10 month old trying to bark back at the dog.
weekend to do list-slip into my little black dress and dancing shoes for the bf’s last weekend out as a miss.

happy friday!
play along if you'd like...
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