Thursday, April 22, 2010


Ok time for a little experiment. Pick up whatever book you are currently reading or whatever is closest to you and turn to page 27. Scan the page for whatever line just jumps out at you. My book says, “Hey, lady are you all right?” “With the sound of the stranger’s voice, the world came back slowly, vaguely, as if she were swimming toward the surface in a cloudy pool of water.” This other book I read said that I should look at the first line of page 100, so turn to that page. My book says “Of course, she wanted to be a grandmother as well, and she’d let that slip out every now and then.”

Ok you’re probably thinking what is she getting at? I was thinking this morning about, how this is how I read the bible. I pick it up, flip through the pages, read a passage that pops out to me and maybe some stuff around it, and then I close it. Or I turn to a scripture that a devotional book told me to turn to and I read what it tells me to read. And I think that’s ok. You can definitely still get something out of it that way. But like my little experiment up top, I think if you just read bits and pieces here and there you can miss a lot of the whole story.

I feel like I’ve done this most of my life. I've done a whole lot of bouncing around. And lately it’s really hit me that when I read it like this I’m missing so much. But when I slow down and read it from beginning of chapter/book to end I learn who’s talking, who they were talking to, what was going on in that time and it helps me understand more how to apply it to my life today. I get so much more out of it when I read it like your suppose to read a book. I’m not saying run out and read the Bible beginning to end. I’m just realizing that I need to slow down and really read it. This is not just a normal book. I don’t want to miss anything! So today I’m going to start reading the New Testament . Take a break from all the devotional books. They are wonderful but I just want to read God’s book for once. Nothing else.

If you are a new friend you may be thinking this post is out of the blue. I try to write about different things here and the most important part of my life is being real in my pursuit to really know and have a relationship with Jesus. So there will be posts like this from time to time. Fair warning to you all.  Mostly I just want everyone who reads my blog (whether you believe in Jesus or not) to be encouraged no matter what I’m talking about that day.

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