Monday, March 8, 2010

Rainy Monday

Sadly this picture has become very true for me.  I even dreamt that my teeth turned brown from the coffee I drank. Scary! But it's just so creamy and yummy I can't resist. We should all be allowed one unhealthy treat a day right?

It's Monday again but it's raining so that makes it better. I LOVE the rain. It bothers me when people complain about the rain when they live in Arizona because it's something that doesn't happen nearly enough so when it does I think we should all enjoy it. Time to turn on my rainy day music. That's what I call mellow, indie-emo rock, mostly break-up songs. Rainy day music is the best!
Happy Monday everyone!
I'm anxious to see what this week is going to bring... 

(photo from here)
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