Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Secret to happiness

#11- Don't be normal.
Everyday is a revolution. 
A chance to completely change the way we normally do things.

Every day that we are alive is a chance that we have to turn everything we know upside down and do something different.  By default the norm is set to keep our minds focused on self pretty much 24/7.  I really believe that if more people would make the choice to quit the norm and instead start their days intentionally looking for 1 person that they could help in some way, the result would be happier people all around.  It doesn't matter who you are, or what you've done, you have the opportunity to bless someone else. How cool is that!

Happiness, joy + fulfillment comes when we can stop being completely consumed with ourselves + start opening our eyes to who needs love around us. There is always going to be someone. Maybe they need money for gas, a night of babysitting, encouragement, or just someone to pray for them. And how great is it that we don't have to be a super talented person to be able to do this. If you are alive + breathing then you are more than qualified.

Ditch the norm. Be intentional about being mindful of others. Watch for opportunities. Be willing to be inconvienced + step away from the busyness. While Jesus was here on earth he was constantly going places, doing things, but when someone needed help He was always willing to stop when he was interrupted. His job  life was loving people. That should be ours too.
The happiest people are the most unselfish people. {"Don't pray + ask God to do something that you can do yourself"} -Joyce Meyer

So here is the challenge: Tell yourself this everyday...
Today I will not go to bed until I've helped/encouraged/loved someone.
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