Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekly Recap

Sorry it's been awhile so here we go...
in one word or phrase- Let me crave all things of you. 

I'm dreaming of you- Chilly weather, Christmas lights, lots of sweets, holidays!

songs on repeat- Switchfoot- Restless
Hillsong United- Forever Reign
you are good when there's nothing good in me
you are true even in my wandering
my heart will sing no other name
Jesus  I'm running to your arms
gotta write it down-
"We are not made acceptable to God by who we are but by whose we are."
lesson learned- Even when I'm feeling weary in everything I do. When I'm overwhelmed and a bit scatterbrained He still wants me. He still pursues me and romances me back to Him. Nothing that I do could make Him stop the chase to bring me back. Such a faithful Lord.
highlight of the week- Finished reading Heaven is for Real and I loved it. A 4 year old boys story about his trip to Heaven and back.  I started it before bed and finished it with my morning coffee. Couldn't put it down. Definitely not one to miss.
picture to frame- perfectly adorable even in moms silly diy felt masks. 
weekend to do list- A long list of should dos but really I'm going to try and be as lazy as possible this weekend. Is that bad?

Happy weekend sweet friends! 

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