Friday, August 12, 2011


in one word or phrase- our history is made in the quiet place.
I'm dreaming of you- tomorrow --->
song on repeat-
 jj heller- where I land
{And I am lost for words
You’re more than I deserve
And when I cannot stand
You are where I land}
gotta write it down- “Faith comes by hearing," "It does not say that it comes from having heard. It is the listening heart, in the present tense, that is ready for heaven’s deposit of faith." Bill Johnson  Have to renew my mind every day!
lesson learned- The focus needs to stop being on future things and start looking at what I can do today. And have courage to do it!
highlight of the week/picture to frame- Big boy now!  
 weekend to do list- we're running away to the beach. Just for a day but it will still be a nice getaway. & having a communion meal with really great friends. I'm excited for this weekend.

Hope yours is wonderful!

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